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Next generation anilox technology - GTT 2.0

The Secret to Unparalleled Consistency Begins with GTT. Imagine using just one anilox roll for finer screens – and stronger solids. Imagine less mottling, pinholing, plugging and dot gain. Imagine faster drying time. Bottom line? Print more with less. GTT is the best anilox product available in the market for achieving the needed consistent ink-to-plate transfer in HD Flexo Quality and Fixed Palette printing.

What is the GTT anilox difference? GTT’s patented Open Slalom Ink Channel geometry lets an exact volume of ink flow calmly and precisely from the anilox onto the printing plate, releasing just the right amount. Thus, print finer screens and solids on the same ink station – and get the same results next time.

# Label & Offset market
JM Heaford
Innovative plate mounting & proofing solutions

JM Heaford has been providing award-winning mounting and proofing solutions to customers across the world for over 30 years.

This makes them one of the most respected and experienced companies in the flexographic industry.

Fully committed to both the customer and the quality of our service, from design right through to post-installation support.

By investing in a JM Heaford machine you can expect fine workmanship, longevity and true value for money.

# Label, Flexible packaging & Coating market
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Every Flexor machine is built to order

Flexor® is an EMIS brand specialising in industry leading converting machinery and turret rewinders.

With over 350 machines installed worldwide through our extensive sales network, Flexor® has become synonymous with quality, reliability and usability. Flexor continuously invest in new technologies to push the boundaries of the capabilities of converting machinery.

# Label & Coating market
Offset Quality with Digital Flexibility

On a growing label market, Codimag has developed an offer to answer the market requirements: an optimum print quality thanks to offset, and flexibility for customers to print shorter and shorter runs.

By offering intermittent presses, Codimag gives to printers a technological answer with very low production cost and without the need of expensive cylinders and toolings. Job change does not imply cylinder or sleeve change. Printing plates are mounted directly onto the press without any plate mounting system.

Thanks to Aniflo and waterless offset technology, Set-up times and set-up wastes are reduced and printers can get their margins back.

# Label, Offset, Coating & Digital market
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harris & bruno
German quality chamber doctor blade systems

Global Provider Of High Performance Printing & Coating Equipment. More Than 60 Years Of Experience.

We are the exclusive distributor of all parts of H&B’s German quality chamber doctor blade systems. We also offer maintenance service for these systems.


# Offset, Coating, Cardboard & Digital market
Advanced Ultrasonic cleaning solutions

Alphasonics has gained a reputation world wide for technical excellence and unrivalled service in the field of ultrasonic cleaning systems. Currently, Alphasonics have over 1700 clients worldwide. The secret to this success lies in their commitment to innovation and technical excellence in the application of high frequency sound as used for cleaning. 

Experience in solving different customer’s problems has led them to develop an array of Alphasound products that can be tailored to suit almost any cleaning requirement.

# Entire Flexo market
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