bat graphics
A high quality anilox roller with a quick delivery – made in France

Established since 1995 at the ‘Ester Technopole parc’ in Limoges, BAT GRAPHICS is the specialist in the manufacture of laser engraved ceramic anilox, and all related products regarding the anilox cylinder.

Experts in the manufacture of ceramic anilox rollers, we engrave these cylinders dedicated to printing with innovative and unprecedented laser technology.

We manufacture and repair cylinders or sleeves and provide you with a cylinder inspection sheet.

Nowadays anilox rollers are more and more a consumable where delivery time and respect for the asked technical specification and tolerances are very important.

DewaFlexo will adapt their anilox rollers to your needs and technical specifications in order to guarantee you a very reliable high quality ceramic anilox roller within the tolerances you asked for.

A few elements are key:

  • A very quick delivery time,
  • Flexibility,
  • R&D for specific engravings,
  • Local production (environmentally friendly / less transport costs)
  • Clearcut engraving tolerances,

We are following your ordered anilox rollers via our own online platform (AFS – Anilox Follow-up System)

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JM Heaford
Innovative plate mounting & proofing solutions

JM Heaford has been providing award-winning mounting and proofing solutions to customers across the world for over 30 years.

This makes them one of the most respected and experienced companies in the flexographic industry.

Fully committed to both the customer and the quality of our service, from design right through to post-installation support.

By investing in a JM Heaford machine you can expect fine workmanship, longevity and true value for money.

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LaserAlp, expert high-precision cleaning by laser

LASERALP is a specialist in high-precision cleaning by laser process, especially in the graphics industry.
For more than 20 years, we have been studying the effect of our lasers to guarantee you impeccable know-how. Today, our expertise and know-how allow us to offer you a first-class service adapted to your needs and constraints.

Our original values guarantee the service we offer:

– Quality
– Expertise
– Reliability
– Responsiveness

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Offset Quality with Digital Flexibility

On a growing label market, Codimag has developed an offer to answer the market requirements: an optimum print quality thanks to offset, and flexibility for customers to print shorter and shorter runs.

By offering intermittent presses, Codimag gives to printers a technological answer with very low production cost and without the need of expensive cylinders and toolings. Job change does not imply cylinder or sleeve change. Printing plates are mounted directly onto the press without any plate mounting system.

Thanks to Aniflo and waterless offset technology, Set-up times and set-up wastes are reduced and printers can get their margins back.

# Label, Offset, Coating & Digital market
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) abatement

RTO = Regenerative Thermal Oxidation
For solvent based inks in flexo or rotogravure printing, it is always required an air extraction that incorporates those evaporated compounds, whose emission to the atmosphere is not allowed as they are highly pollutant.

To solve this problem, Kalfrisa designs and manufactures installations that, by means of a thermal oxidation, eliminate these compounds so allowing air to go totally clean.
Installations for VOC’s Volatile Organic Compounds reduction by means of thermal oxidation designed and manufactured by Kalfrisa guarantee an optimum efficiency, thanks to the appropriate selection of temperature, residence time and mixture turbulence.
RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidation) installations from Kalfriasa can incorporate:
• Thermal oil heaters.
• Preheaters of polluted gases.
• Process air heaters.
• Steam generators.
• Water heaters.

Oxidation devices allow the destruction of residual liquids directly in the flame, so using its thermal energy.


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Advanced Ultrasonic cleaning solutions

Alphasonics has gained a reputation world wide for technical excellence and unrivalled service in the field of ultrasonic cleaning systems. Currently, Alphasonics have over 1700 clients worldwide. The secret to this success lies in their commitment to innovation and technical excellence in the application of high frequency sound as used for cleaning. 

Experience in solving different customer’s problems has led them to develop an array of Alphasound products that can be tailored to suit almost any cleaning requirement.

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"We love sleeves / your print – our mission"

POLYWEST guarantees both quality and know-how for “Sleeves for Flexographic Printing” 

Since 1987 POLYWEST has developed into a worldwide leading system provider for printing formes, sleeves and adaptors. 

Apart from a sleeve service, we also offer our customers professional consultation, so that they can benefit from the POLYWEST know-how.

We consistently pursue innovations together with research institutes and industrial partners, so that new technologies and materials are driven forward for the benefit of our customers.

POLYWEST offers all sleeves and moulded components and services worldwide. 

All with a high level of support and concentration on fulfilling customers specific requirements.

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SPGPrints Group

SPGPrints is the global leading provider of integrated solutions for rotary screen printing in the textile, label and industrial markets and has a leading position in digital printing.


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