Two new lines launched by Polywest

Polywest has launched two new product lines, POLYCARBON and POLYBRIDGE which offer printers with a wide variety of sleeve options for various printing requirements.

All adapters within the POLYCARBON range offer a three-stage system for flexographic printing and provide vibration damping properties and carbon surface withstands frequent handling or sleeve changes.

POLYCARBON BASIC is an adapter with a solid structure and suitable for use in all standard flexographic printing machines.

The POLYCARBON ALLROUND has a structure which can provide even higher levels of vibration-damping. This results in an improved printing performance with a simultaneous weight reduction, in particular for adapters with larger wall thicknesses.

The POLYCARBON FAST is the speed master among the Polywest adapters and is designed for the highest quality demands at maximum printing speed.The POLYCARBON HYDRAULIC, uses a hydraulic shaft adapter for maximum printing speeds for high quality demands.

The POLYBRIDGE product line also has a variety of options for the flexo printer. The POLYBRIDGE SOFT is the adapter with a compressible surface and is particularly suitable for thin and classic sleeves.

In contrast, POLYBRIDGE MOUNT is used in the plate mounting department with its almost wear-free carbon surface for fast and smooth sleeve handling. The POLYBRIDGE MOUNT can be equipped with the unique Silentflow technology developed by Polywest. Silentflow enables the easiest sleeve mounting even with difficult air supply. As a special feature, the central mounting of sleeves with different or shorter face lengths is possible with this technology. The POLYBRIDGE LASER completes the adapter range with its laser-resistant red RUBIN ​​surface.

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